Code of Conduct

Please read and abide by the Covid 19 Guidelines which can be Downloaded From The Downloads Page.


Proper dress means shirts, and non-marking tennis shoes

Security Key System

You must have a key to open the gates. Call any director to arrange for a replacement key (the $20.00 refundable deposit applies again).


Food is not permitted on the courts


Neighbours and members demand acceptable language around the courts at all times. Playing privileges are suspended if foul language is used.


Court changes are made based on the time booked on Squashnut


Members must be on time for Club Events. In emergencies the member should arrange for a substitute.


Members must use the courts with care. Do not use the Clarington Beech Centre as a practice wall. Do not climb the fence or garage for any reason.


Beech Centre parking is limited so members must cooperate and use their best judgement at all times. We have agreed to use street parking where we are advised in advance if the turn out for a planned event at the Beech Centre is likely to be high.

Guest Rule

Do not invite more than 3 different guests or the same guest more than 3 times in any season. The guest rule is waived for visiting family members. Please make us aware if a member abuses the rule. Remember to include your guest’s name on the Squashnut Booking.

Squashnut Booking

The use of the Squashnut Booking System is mandatory. It is the way that we track court usage and ensure that the courts are reserved for our members and their guests (per the Guest Rule). It is also mandatory that when inviting a guest that you include their name on the Squashnut Booking. Contact Carmen Aiello if you have any questions.

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