Events and Tournaments

BTC Sanctioned Events

The courts are reserved only for BTC sanctioned events as described below.

The Squashnut Website is to be used for booking all Club Activities.

Season Opening
The BTC is now open for Singles and Doubles.

Adult Club Nights
The courts are reserved every Monday and Thursday for Adult Club Nights.

Session 1 is from 7:00 -8:30 pm and you must sign-up on Squashnut.

Session 2 is from 8:30 -10:00 pm and you must sign up on Squashnut.

Adult Refresher Tuesday Nights: Thrill of the Drill

The courts are reserved for Adult Refresher Club Nights every Tuesday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, BEGINNING THE WEEK FOLLOWING THE FINAL COMPLIMENTARY LESSON. These sessions focus on stroke production, practice drills and actual game situations. They are suitable for all adult members, regardless of level.

Monday Morning Men’s Doubles

Monday morning men’s doubles began on June 22, – 8:00 to 11:00. Open to all men, no need to sign up. Bring your own tennis balls and wait outside the fence, physically distanced, if there are more than 8 players. If we have fewer than last year we will end at 10:00 in the future. You should use Squashnut to sign up for Monday morning tennis. There is no limit to the number of members who can sign up but it will allow everyone to know how many players to expect.

Wednesday Night Intermediate Ladies Tennis 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

Single Challenge Ladder

To add your name to the new Singles Challenge Ladder, click on Signup Menu then Ladder Signup then Sign Up-Ladder. We’ll give it some time to see if there is much interest before starting. Mixed, all levels. Check out the rules by clicking on Ladder.


We regret that at this time we will be unable to offer any programs for our Junior Members.

Adult Mixed Doubles Tournaments and BBQ THIS PROGRAM IS TBD

Not all things have returned to the BTC at this time, our hope is that some or all will be back by the end of the 2020 tennis season. These include:

  • no official club opening
  • no “fun” or other tournaments
  • no social gatherings
  • no Junior Programs – We are looking for a Member who would be interested in spearheading the Junior Program in a manner similar to the way Kem did in the past. ie: introductory lessons and/or Junior Tennis Camp. (When the go ahead for Junior Programs is given)

The courts are reserved for these 3 popular events (BBQ at noon) as follows:

  • The June fun mixed doubles date is Saturday, TBD.
  • The August fun mixed doubles date is Saturday, TBD.
  • The September fun mixed doubles date is Saturday, TBD.

As usual, you do not have to have a partner for these fun events. Your partner is assigned by the tournament director. See the sign-up sheets on the notice board for the format and other details.

Year End BTC Adult Doubles Events THIS PROGRAM IS TBD

The courts are reserved for the year-end BTC adult doubles events as set out below. You must be a paid-up member by July 1 to play in any of these adult doubles events :

  • Men’s Doubles TBD
  • Ladies’ Doubles TBD
  • Mixed Doubles TBD

Please sign-up if you wish to play even if you have no regular doubles partner, we’ll find one for you!. See the sign-up sheets on the notice board for the format and other details.

Year End Wine & Cheese Party
The season ends with the September fun mixed doubles event plus the presentation of trophies and prizes at our Year End Wine & Cheese Party, scheduled for TBD.

The Wine & Cheese Party is open to all adult club members and their guests even if you did not play in any of the tournaments. There is no charge.

Annual Terry Fox Run
BTC is a registered team supporting and participating in the annual Terry Fox Run in the 3rd week of September. Registration forms are available at the courts. BTC will donate all proceeds from the tournament entry fees to the Terry Fox Run. TBD.

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